Recent changes in the service

From now on, any new important features or changes in will be announced on twitter, so follow us to always get the latest news.

17.03.2017. Ability to store captions in real-time captioning has been added.

19.01.2017. A Cut button added. The button is hidden by default, you can make it visible in the user UI setting page. Version 9.0 of the extension released to reflect this change.

29.11.2016. Changed time labels format in transcription results.

21.11.2016. The setting Number of symbols before restart is now disabled and hidden.

05.11.2016. Updated Linux integration module . Severe bug has been resolved.

29.09.2016. A playback rate control added to the transcription panel.

19.09.2016. Added a new tool – reading pronunciation test.

02.09.2016. Rearranged buttons and A/a.

13.08.2016. Shorcuts for play/stop player added.

11.08.2016. Rearranged buttons in the transcription panel, added a button to hide recording panel. Improvements of the functionality of buttons for editing text.

24.07.2016. TTS Picker – new tool to convert text to speech added. The utility read the choosen paragraph from list.

21.06.2016. A new voice command – Uppercase letters added. The command works like AA button in the voicenote UI. The command and the button now act in the integration and transfer to clipboard mode.

13.06.2016. Linux integration has been added.

10.05.2016. The text on the top has been removed for the registered users. Early its visibility has been controlled by the UI setting module, now the setting for text on top has been removed.

24.04.2016. Improved the Undo functionality.

How to update Speech Pad

The extension is updated automatically.

When the scripts on the site are updated, you may need to refresh your pages (press F5), because the scripts may be cached on your side.

The integration module is not updated automatically, so you must download the zip archive from and replace the old ru-speechpad-host.exe file by the new one.

4 thoughts on “Recent changes in the service

  1. Fred

    How do I access ‘extended features’? I want to transcribe recordings longer than 15 minutes. There is nothing in any of the documentation or posts I read that mentions a time limit.
    A pop-up window said I needed ‘extended features’ if I want to transcribe recordings longer than 15 minutes.

    I created a log-in, but I still get the same pop-up message.

    What else do I need to do?

    1. admin Post author

      When you are signed, click on the link User account (orange link) and you will be go to user profile page. Here you can try these extented features for two days or make order for them.

  2. Fred

    Aha! Found it, thank you. You might consider mentioning this limitation on the home page, it would reduce frustration and encourage people to subscribe.


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