Using voice commands

Setting voice commands

You can use voice commands to control the SpeechPad recording process. Whenever you say a voice command phrase (from Spoken words column) during recording, it is processed immediately. Voice commands are only available for users that are logged into the system and have set up the corresponding voice command phrases.

Users can set the command phrases on the page You can use the language of your choice for Spoken words.

Changing voice commands

Voice commands actions

“Reset” – clears the preview field.

“Undo” – works like the Undo button in the SpeechPad UI.

“Copy” – copies text from the output field to the clipboard and stops recording. It works only if the SpeechPad chrome extension is installed.

“Select” – selects the text in the output field. It works similarly to the Select all button.

“Delete” – removes selected text from the output field.

“Backspace” – works like the backspace button in the SpeechPad UI.

“Stop” – works like the Stop recording button in the SpeechPad UI.

“Change language 1” and “Change language 2” – help to select speech recognition language.

“Uppercase letters” – works like the AA button in the SpeechPad UI.

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